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This week I got an opportunity to record a menu item with the Alameda county library’s project called Listen Inn. It’s an innovative program to engage the general population in pandemic times on the pulse of universal truths like the Moon cycle. The people behind it (@andrea and team) are creative, compassionate, and kind souls!


The start of fall marks a lot of traditions, most signaling new beginnings full of compassion and hope. Be them the Jewish Rosh Hashanah, Jain Paryushan (Festival of Forgiveness), Hindu Ganesh Chaturthi, or Modern Radical Kindness (challenges). …


So we have managed the Cyber Defenders homepage with Jekyll static site generator, and every so often we do a little housekeeping to keep the site secure. This note goes over a few things you could do to make your static sites more secure in less than 10 minutes!

So how do you make a static site generator more secure? Arent any static sites secure by very nature? Well not completely — we will walk you through two things to operationalize:
1. Dependency Management
2. Secure Code Analysis (i.e. Javascript)

So why do it? Well, the plugins which your Jekyll…

Cloud Security Journey

This article touches on fundamentals of AWS cloud security and recommends tools you can use to get started quickly. Additionally, this will also get you ready for AWS Cloud Security Specialty certification.

AWS Cloud Security In 10 Minutes

Its all about — Shared Responsibility!

With cloud — AWS is responsible for infrastructure security and the customers are responsible for the rest.

AWS is responsible for protecting the global infrastructure — comprising of the hardware, software, networking, and facilities that run all AWS services.

AWS customers are responsible for securing data, operating systems, networks, platforms, and other resources that are created in the AWS Cloud. Customers are responsible for protecting…

Last week I read two books — Supreme Inequality and Why We’re Polarized in order understand the current American political landscape. This article covers some of my inklings about Why We’re Polarized. The book is well researched, written in an engaging way and uncovers some fundamental issues with American political system.

Original Post: https://www.vitraag.com/2020/09/29/book-inklings-why-were-polarized/

Why We’re Polarized

The Polarization Problem

We no longer have conservatives and liberals on both sides of the aisle, but we are locked in to our political identities. Our choices are no longer affected by candidates, and information. We have devolved in a bi-party politics which has no guardrails, standards or accountability.

Week #6 — Self Love @ http://www.cohealing.me

Acceptance & Self Care!

In the last session, we covered techniques for acceptance and self-care. Turning resistance into acceptance enables healing and growth into our daily lives. Life cannot flow naturally if you put up resistance, it doesn’t serve you in any way. As a tip, walk away from the incident if you don’t like it instead of resisting it.

Week #6, Session #1

Self-Love Haiku by Penumbra Moon

I went seeking love
kept looking outside myself
found it here inside

Meditation Music

Check out our blog post on Meditative Music we like, and please suggest yours: https://medium.com/cohealing/meditation-music-our-selected-favorites-236d14a2bc55

Coming Up Our Mini-Retreat

We are planning a mini-retreat towards the end…

We are in Week #6 of our Cohealing initiative, thanks to all the work from Vaidehi Bhandari-Jain and @Maggie Fukuda. We wanted to take a moment to talk a little about the meditation music we like.

Piano Meditation By Chris Collins

Meditation Music Categories

There are various ways you can think of meditation music categories. Here are some of the categories which we relate to :

  • Chants — Be it Gregorian Chants or Vedic Chants for centuries religious music has helped our souls to relax and center.
  • Classical Music — A number of classical musicians Beethoven, Bach, Mozart etal created various meditative pieces in Western Classical music. …

Tips for Anger management and some meditation goodies for this week.

In last session of Cohealing, we covered techniques for Anger management with Vaidehi. We judge others instantly and react, one way to manage anger objective is to focus on intent before reacting! You have a choice to not get angry — its a reaction become aware of it. You have the courage to make a choice to not get angry —non judgmentally become aware of and try to find the intention which evoked that response before responding. …

So much to live in present and be here!

In Week 2 of Cohealing community meditation, Vaidehi Bhandari-Jain talked about the importance of positive thinking. The following video of the session was edited by 10 years old — Aarohi Jain — thank you, Aarohi. Let us know what you think!

Vaidehi Explaining the Palm Technique for Positive Thinking

In the last week’s session, Vaidehi elaborated on letting go of the past and living in the present. The only thing we are dealing with is our thought, the good news is that its not a real entity, and it can be changed. Positive thinking starts in our thought. Another tip…


In our first week of community meditation, we focussed on reconnecting with Mind & Body. This week we will be focusing on Positive Thinking.

Remember the following benefits of meditation

  1. Reduces Stress
  2. Helps in managing anxiety
  3. Promotes emotional health
  4. Enhances self-awareness
  5. Improves focus
  6. Potentially reduces age-related memory loss
  7. Increases empathy
  8. Improves management of addictions or addictive behavior
  9. Improves sleep and sleep quality
  10. Helps to control pain
  11. Decreases blood pressure

These are just some of the benefits found from various studies of participants who meditate consistently for a time. As time progresses your breathing work will improve — we are practicing the box breath in our sessions!

See you today!


In our first week of cohealing community meditation, we are focusing on reconnecting with Mind & Body. As time progresses your breathing work will improve, stay the course!

In the first session, we talked about positive affirmations. As you make your positive declarations it helps to touch your throat as you say them. For starters, you can choose from -

  • I bring my body into healing and balance
  • I activate the core of my stability and security
  • Connected with my body, my mind feels joyful and energetic

Journaling is an effective way of staying in touch with your mind &…

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